Onward, Fallcrest

Kobold Hall: It's a Trap!

The party interrogates their prisoner who tells them quite willingly to beware the dart traps in the next room. John and Fred easily lift the portcullis bars and knowing they’re expected, the party ties up the kobold and drags him along. They find what looks like a tomb, with 4 caskets and some niches in the walls. At the far end, the kobold who had previously gotten away waits with three others for the group to approach. Fred charges and sets off one dart trap but spots another one just in time. With a safe path identified, the rest of the party soon join Fred and make pretty short work of the kobold skirmishers (the sling-bearer escapes once again, as does their captive). They disable the traps and find the coffins empty of anything valuable. They do find 60 gold pieces left as an offering at the crude shrine to Tiamat the kobolds added to the room.

The group moves to the next room which features another pit of goo and some raised platforms on either side of some wooden double-doors. The kobolds on the platform attempt to hit the party with a sticky stone attached via rope to the ceiling (looks like they use this to play some kind of game with skulls stacked around the pit). Hamani readies an action to cut through the rope but doesn’t manage to hack through in one hit. She attempts to intimidate the kobolds into surrender, telling them they’ll break down the door and kill them all. The kobolds don’t seem to worry and reply, “You won’t like what’s on the other side!”. The party pretty quickly amasses at the doors while the kobolds try to hit them with javelins and sling bullets. John stays behind and uses his bow to target the creatures. After a few blows the doors splinter and two drakes attack Hamani and Fred. They’re tough critters but the group brings them down and proceeds through the door to mop up the remaining kobolds. In a corner of one platform they find 100gp in coins, a ruby worth 50gp, and two garnets worth 25gp each (200 gp total).

At this point the party has also amassed 1,725 experience points between them.



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