Onward, Fallcrest

Kobold Hall: More Kobolds!

The party decides to camp out for the night and recover some of their strength before pressing deeper into the catacombs. Outside the manor they find the body of the escaped Kobold “Yak”, still bound and with a note pinned to him reading, “Death to Skullkickers” in Draconic. Soon, they notice they are not alone and a band of rival Kobolds appear and try to shake them down for the loot they’ve gotten from the Skullkicker tribe. The team calls their bluff and so a fight ensues, with most of the Kobolds soon dead but one runs off into the forest. John tracks him in dark with some difficulty but manages to find him and finish him off before he can bring reinforcements. The party then beds down for the night and sleeps undisturbed.

Next morning they head back into the tombs and enter a room with a rolling boulder trap. David and Hamani are knocked down but get up to confront some hidden Kobold minions. Fred makes his way to the far end of the room and gets into it with a Kobold sorcerer and his guards, lurking at the top of some stairs. The rest of the group joins the fight and takes out the sorcerer fairly quickly but his guards put up a longer fight. Eventually they find themselves outmatched and dispatched. This room seems to be the end of the line but some searching turns up a secret door, opened by a silver key on the sorcerer’s body. They open it to feel a chill blast of air and a dark corridor…

Treasure: +1 Staff of the War Mage
Experience points: 850



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