Onward, Fallcrest

Kobold Hall: White Dragon

The party lights a torch and proceeds down a stairway into a natural-looking cavern with large sheet of ice on the floor. John hears some breathing and so the party is on guard but a large White Dragon still gets the drop on them, stunning the group with its frightful presence and blasting them with cold breath. After a round the party recovers from being shaken but some are still slowed and weakened. The dragon leads them across the ice where it can move unhindered but David draws most of his attacks away from the others and they soon surround the beast. When bloodied, it goes berserk and breaths its icy breath on them again but this time misses everyone in range. The party perseveres and finally brings the dragon down after expending nearly all their power.
They find a locked chest which they are unable to open so they decide to take it back to Fallcrest, as it presumably contains the Green Dragon hide they are after. John decides to skin the white dragon and take its hide with them back to town and find a buyer.

Back in town, they head to Naerumar’s Imports, a place known for moving some unusual merchandise. The owner, Orest Naerumar, is satisfied that they got the chest fair and square and pops the lock with little difficulty. He “buys” a single pearl from the chest at 10gp as payment (valued at about 20) and tells the party to come back anytime. Inside the chest they also find the green dragon hide, 100 gold pieces, and a finely crafted sword, seemingly of ancient origin and quite definitely magical.

They then go to Teldorthan’s Arms and collect the 200 gold promised by Teldorthan Ironhews, the Dwarven proprietor. He also gives them 50gp for the white dragon hide.

Experience: 1000 (dragon + quest)



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