Onward, Fallcrest

Session #1: Kobold Hall

The kobold tribes of the Cloak Wood have are getting bolder and have begun raiding the trade caravans along the King’s Road. Teldorthan Goldcap, A dwarven armorer of Fallcrest, has engaged the party to track down a cured green dragon hide which he had purchased to make into some fine scale armor. The party enters the abandoned mansion now known as “Kobold Hall” in search of the stolen hide.

Finding their way into the vaults beneath the ruined structure, they immediately spot a kobold and Hamani is first to rush in. More kobolds spring out of the shadows and attack, one of them sticking Hamani to the floor with a “glue shot” from its sling. The rest of the party speed in and start dealing with the kobolds. Fred quickly kills one and several are marked by David, fouling up their plans to gang up on John. John grabs one wounded kobold and throws him into a trench in the center of the room, which is filled with a sticky green goo. Hamani, though still stuck, intimidates the trapped kobold into surrendering, as the last of its comrades in the room is killed. Meanwhile, the original kobold slinger retreats down a corridor behind a portcullis, deeper into the vaults.



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